Why My Age Has Always Been A Barrier and Pls Can We Stop Being So Age-ist?!

I am only 19. I know, a lot of my followers have no idea that I am still in my teens and cannot even legally drink in the states. Many of my followers almost assume that I am at least in my 20’s. When on social media, people always seem to be shocked by my age for two reason-

1) The way I dress

I am forever being told that I don’t dress like a typical 19 year old and whether that is a compliment or the worlds biggest insult is something I am still yet to decide.

2) My demeanour

I am always being told that I have such a mature demeanour online (lol not tooting my own horn, its just what I have been told). And I always portray myself as someone who is a lot more confident and head strong- a trait resulting in me seeming older.

But you wouldn’t believe the discrimination I get for my age. The amount of times I have missed out on opportunities or trips or even FRIENDS just because of the number I have to type in into that age category.

So today’s post is all about WHY we should stop being so AGEIST and why you should never judge someone by their age.

First of all I want to start off with a story about a few fellow bloggers who see age as a barrier you just cannot jump. A little while ago I was chatting to a few bloggers who I have always followed and supported- and they have always done the same. Its such a beautiful thing when you can start up conversations and when friendships start to blossom between two girls supporting each other.

Any way a little time passed as we occasionally spoke and messaged and commented when talk about meeting in REAL LIFE erose. Its always an exciting prospect to meet with someone you have been talking to for a while and get on with so well.

But all the friendship prospects came crashing down when my birthday was mentioned (not until 2nd of June but its on the same day as a blogging event so I mentioned why I couldnt make it)

After asking how old I was turning, I was met with "you’re only 19??"

No matter how old you are, 6, 16 or 26, that kind of comment stings. It makes you feel inferior and small and like you just arent worthy, all because of the 2 little numbers that state how many years you have been on this earth.

Long story short this girl cut me off, she unfollowed me and suddenly was never free and just cut herself out of my life (baring in mind she is 22, so its not as if there are decades between us).

When it comes to age, the amount of times that I have been told that I am ‘too young’ to work with a brand, despite the fact that I use and LOVE the brand. I have been told that I am just ‘too young’ to attend trips or go to events or even talk about certain topics.

When it comes to age, I think the main thing is to appreciate how you FEEL, not how many digits you type into that bloody box. I have lived a great life and learnt a hell of a lot in my last 19 years and I cannot imagine ever discriminating against someone (who I initially loved), just because they might be a little bit younger than me.

Its time to stop acting like a playground and stop putting age in the forefront of our mind. You should judge someone by their demeanour, their views, the way they hold them self and who they are as a person. So let’s stop being so agist and grow TF up.