How I Am Becoming Happier With Who I Am

Something that I, and thousands of others, struggle with is being happy with who I am. I am always being told that I am too loud, too short, too blonde, too reserved, too ‘in your face’. Its exhausting. Sometimes it seems that no one is happy with who I am, including me.

But recently I have been really starting to look at who I am as a persona and how much I have grown. And goddammit I realised something that I never, ever thought that I would- I am pretty f*cking special. I always put myself down so much. And what for? What do I gain out of it except resenting myself? And that is why I am making a change to accept who I am and becoming more confident and happy in myself.


Sounds odd I know- how does stretching out your muscles make you a happier person? But actually, every morning when I wake up I have been giving myself a 20 minute yoga workout and you would not believe the difference in me! I am more relaxed, calmer and can tackle what comes at me with so much more poise! If you have ever thought about participating in a yoga workout, just stick on Youtube and let yourself melt away 20 minutes or so.

Being Grateful

I have always been a rather pessimistic person- some call it realism but others just call it being a bitch, so I’m gonna go with pessimism. And being a pessimist results in me finding the worst in things. So I have been trying to change my mindset recently; in stead of thinking about the bad things, I am focusing on the good. PT session cancelled? More time in bed. Ran out of pot noodles? I can actually cook a nutritious meal. Had to walk home in the rain? At least I still CAN walk home. No mater how small or mundane, being grateful and thinking about the things that I have in my life to be grateful for has made me so much happier in myself!

Less Mirror Time

I think it can be so bloody easy to scrutinise your body by staring at the mirror for hours, picking out flaws. So the best way to stop yourself from doing that? Less mirror time. Turn it against the wall if you need to, and only turn it back when you are getting ready or putting on your makeup. By stopping yourself from aimlessly staring and picking things out, you will start to think a lot more positively


I love giving others compliments- and have found something that I did not expect to happen at all!! It seems that the more I compliment people, the better I feel about myself! Making someones day or putting a smile on their face will give you such a warm glow and make you so much happier within yourself.