Why I’ve Not Replied To Your Text


 Yes it’s been 3 days since you’ve texted. No I haven’t replied yet. I’ve not even left you on read, the text is still just ‘delivered’. Yes I know you’re waiting for my reply and yes, I have been on social media a hell of a lot. Yes I know you can see that I’ve been posting. Yes I have been on my phone. But no I still haven’t replied to your text.


I am a serial non-replier. I can go days without messaging and then will continue the conversation like it’s been five minutes.

It’s so bad now that it’s arunning joke between my friends and me that they have to send me 5 texts, 2 DM’s and an email to get a reply out of me.

And recently I was thinking about this- I was thinking about how ‘unacceptable’ it is that I happily ignore texts yet don’t hide the fact that I am online. I post, I reply to comments, I share and like. So why can I not reply to their texts?


And you want to know why I don’t reply?


Because I do not want to always be god-damn-reachable.


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In the age of technology, there is no escape from being reachable. That device is always on you, and you’re always on it. People can see the exact time stamp that you logged in and logged out of platforms, they can see when you sent your text and when you read there’s. They can see your location and the music you are listening to. They can see where you are, when you did something and who you did it with. Nothing is secret and nothing is offline anymore.

So no, I haven’t replied to your text.


Replying to texts takes a certain type of energy. A different energy to scrolling on Instagram and a different type of energy to posting online. Living with anxiety can be tough and socialisation is blaady exhausting for me.

I hate communication. I hate trying to work out your *tone* on text and I hate having online conversations.


So if me ignoring your texts pisses you off then pick up  your phone and ring me.