Why Blogging Awards Are A Welcome Tradition Within Our Network And The Blogosphere Awards are Back!

So the Blogosphere awards have now opened! The (arguably) biggest UK blogging awards and an event which you cannot avoid on your social feeds. Every blogger I know is feeling the buzz from voting for their friends, having people vote for them and just celebrate achievements made throughout the year.

But with every wave of excitement I see a drop of negativity on my feed. With every plea for a vote, there is a side remark about favouritism, narcissism and what the awards really stand for. Well I for one am HELLA excited for the awards.

In an industry where we are often laughed at, made fun of and just not taken seriously, to have a body who can represent us and celebrate us is something to really get excited about, no?

Every industry I know has awards; be it in the entertainment sector, law networks, accountancy firms and the sporting world.

They get recognition.

They have awards. They have celebrations. They clap and cheer and hold up everyone’s achievements from the year.

So why can’t we?

Many of the negative comments are revolving around the way in which nominations take place and call it a ‘popularity’ contest, and although I can see where they are coming from, I couldn’t disagree more. It is nothing to do with popularity. It is about the relationship you have with your audience, it’s about the hard work you have put in and it’s about your position in the blogging world. So having a large audience won’t let you have your cake and eat it- anyone can win an award. So whether you have 20 followers or 200,000 followers, if you are proud of you work and want to be celebrated for what you have done, don’t be afraid to ask your audience to vote for you.

We, as an industry, work our butts off. Often for free. So having a professional board not only representing us, but also celebrating us is something to be excited about in itself!

That being said, here is the link to vote. I would be over the moon if you wanted to take a minute out of your day to vote for me in either the lifestyle or the fashion sector, you put either www.petiteelliee.com or my instagram, www.instagram.com/petiteelliee


Photography- Ami Ford Photo (you should 100% vote for her too)