The Valentines Edit- What Being In A Relationship Taught Me About Myself

As Valentines day fast approaches we are all being pushed towards love bunnies and big ass cards and those little pugs teddies that say ‘I wuv you’ when you squeeze it. But I think that Valentines Day is also a time for reflection; to reflect on you as a couple, to reflect on the relationship and to reflect on you as a person.

I think being in a serious relationship has taught me a lot about myself and has really made me grow; from coping with long distance to learning how to compromise when living together. Relationships are such a big step in anyones life. So whether you are in a relationship or not, let Valentines day be the day that you celebrate the things you have learnt and who you have become as a person.

I am stronger than I think

Before meeting my current boyfriend, I had never experienced what it was like to be in a long distance relationship. My parents themselves had experienced it, but all the stories they told me could not prepare me for what it really encompasses. As tough as it is, it really shows you how strong you are. Being able to trust the other person and let yourself be happy without them is such an important part of a relationship- and really proves to yourself what an independent woman you are.

I am a perfectionist

Before living with my boyfriend, I knew that I was fussy about my space. I liked my room how I liked it and that was that. But living with someone really does challenge your ability to compromise as I stress over where he leaves his shoes and fight over leaving his towel on the floor.

I have now realised what a perfectionist I am, but it has also helped me come to terms with compromising with someone else.

I enjoy putting him first

When being in a relationship, putting your partner first is SO IMPORTANT. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying that you should put them on a pedestal and worship them and only them. But putting them in the forefront of your mind is something I had never really experienced before. And I actually enjoy it! I love making him smile and putting him first and showing him how important he is to me. Being able to put someone else first is such a big step in a relationship.

I can be my own cheerleader

Something that I learnt from being in a relationship is that being your own cheerleader is SO IMPORTANT. You should never rely on them for gratification and although it feels damn good to hear him say "Im proud of you"- its just as important to say "Im proud of myself". Being able to be your own cheerleader is such an important part of a relationship and really taught me more about myself.

Whoever you are spending Valentines Day with this year, I hope that you can use it as a time to reflect on yourself and celebrate who you are and who you have become!