6 Reasons Why Your Mum Is Always Right and Celebrating Mother’s Day With The Perfect Gift

As its almost mothers day, it’s time to start thinking about what present to get her. When it comes to gifting with my mum I struggle SO MUCH because she deserves a 5* holiday to the Bahamas but all I can seem to afford is a candle. But I seem to have found a happy medium!! This year I am treating my mamma to some GAWGEOUS perfumes all of which are from Fragrance Direct*. I am obsessed with their site because they have such a huge array of perfumes to choose from that you just can’t go wrong! My mums FAVE scent is the Marc Jacobs decedent perfume- it’s just so classy and makes her feel a million dollars!

To celebrate mothers day, as well as giving her some well deserved gifts, I thought that I would celebrate her awesomeness and admit why mum is ALWAYS right.

1- She always knows when they are a bad egg

Why do mums have this weird superpower that lets them know when someone is just a bad person. Be it a boyfriend or a friend, mum always seems to know first. So when she tells you ‘I dont like that girl’, LISTEN. Mum always knows who is good for you and who to walk away from.

2- She has awesome taste and you need to get her the perfect mothers day gift!

Be it fashion picks, makeup or perfume. My mum has THE BEST TASTE. I always come to her for fashion advice and cannot be without her words of wisdom when it comes to cleansers. That is why it is SO IMPORTANT to me to get her a perfume that she loves! And with Fragrance Direct allowing me to choose from so many perfumes, its the perfect way to gift her a present she would really enjoy (I think she’s getting a bit sick of flowers and chocolate). #BuyFragranceNotFlowers

3- Life is Unfair

If there’s a major life lesson that my mum has taught me its that life is unfair, but you gotta battle through it anyway.

4- Fight Your Battles

My mum has always taught me to fight my battles and stand up for what I believe in. I think that’s why she is such a role model to me- she will ALWAYS stand up for what she believes is right! That’s something I have always admired about my mum and try to carry with me through all of my battles.

5- Always Stick To The Budget

When it comes to money and funding and being a grown up, I suck. I honestly SUCK at saving money and being sensible with it and I hate that about myself. If there’s anything my mum has taught me, its to watch your bank account and to stick to your budget. Even if that means you are living off pot noodle for a couple of days.

6- Everything will fall into place

One thing that my mum has always told me through the ups and the downs is that it will all fall into place. Sometimes I can really see what she means. But when times get tough and you question your own life decisions, just have fait that mamma knows best and everything will eventually fall into place.


*this post is sponsored by Fragrance Direct but all opinions and thoughts are my own (if you don’t believe me give my mum a call)