The Summer Beauty Game Changers

As summer has approached us (I say as I am looking out at a grey sky) my beauty routine has changed up a little bit and there are a few products that have really changed the game for me.

First of all is a product that you have seen me talk about before, and that’s the Hi Impact Brow kit. I really love the staying power of this, which is perfect for those sweaty summer days. When I wear this I don’t feel the need to constantly check myself in the mirror for brow fall out which is AMAZING!

Next is the Porefessional from Benefit, which everyone and their dog have heard of. Its a love/ hate product, and fortunately I love it! Over summer, we all get very sweaty and the makeup begins to run… so primer is so important to keep the foundation on. I have dry skin and don’t feel like it dries me out, however I have heard that this is not the best product for those with oily skin.

If you are unaware of my love for the Revlon ultra HD matte lip colours, then where have you been?!?! Honestly these lip stain thingies are MY FAVOURITE! They stay on your lips ALL DAY and DO NO SMUDGE! They are insane!

Everyone has been going crazy over the cushion foundations recently and I hopped onto this bang wagon pretty early on. if you have seen my review of the cushion, you will already know that I am totally in love with the L’oreal cushion foundation. It is so moisturising and I love how it shows a few of my freckles through it, while still covering my blemishes.

We all need a bit o’ bronzer for over the summer, and you would not believe that I had never tried Hoola bronzer before now…. I know… I am shameful… But I own it now and I loves it! It really suits my skin tone and allows me to contour as well as bronze with it.

Lastly, is of course, Zoella’s new beauty line Sweet Inspirations! IT SMELLS FLIPPING INSAAAAAANE! I always get complimented when I wear this perfume and I love the scent so darn much! Its so summery and sweet and beautiful. Well done Zoe!

These are a few things that have really changed the beauty game for me this summer. Let me know what your game changers are!