The Reality Of Blogging | Behind The Lense

Its funny the stereotypes and presumptions made about bloggers. Even now, in the society we live in, people assume that what they see on instagram is ‘real life’ and exactly what someone is like. I mean, sure I share plenty with you guys and I love sharing my life with you. But some of the things that people come out with do crack me up sometimes. I get DM’ed on a daily basis and I can garuntee that 60% of the people messaging me say something about how ‘perfect my life is’. I wont lie, it does make me giggle.

Thats not to say that my life isn’t good. I love my life. I have an amazing family, a great boyfriend and insane friends. I love my uni course and where I live. Its good. But its just odd the little box that I get put in because of the few pretty photos I share online and outfits I share with you. So I thought that I would talk about some ‘expectations vs realities’ today and we can both have a little laugh at the contrast between centre stage and back office.


I get so many people assuming that because I have a blog, money comes flooding in. In reality, I get next to nothing for it. I get sent gifts from time to time and thats INSANE, but I rarely upload sponsored content and, frankly, don’t have a big enough following for brands to want to pay for my promotion. (I’m not saying that in a bad way- I love my followers and aren’t out to get more and more followers, I am quite content). In reality I get paid nothing for my blogging. The way in which I earn money is blooming hard graft. For goodness sakes I have had over 8 jobs in my 18 years and have spent this entire Christmas working at Maccy’s in order to save up a few bob. I also have a depop wich brings in next to nothing again. In all honesty I probably could make more from it, but I would rather sell my makeup and clothes for lower prices, knowing that they are going to a good home with someone who really wants it! (I’m @petiteelliee_) if you wanted to give me a cheeky follow.

2- Everything in my life is instagrammable

So many people assume that I always hit indie, pretty coffee shops and live in a house, covered head to toe in marble. In reality, I live in student halls at uni and come home to my birch coloured room at home. Its funny, there are bits that I customise to look better for my instagram, but for all you know, thats what everything I own looks like! Also I don’t have the money for a daily coffee shop trip, I just make sure I use m opportunities well.


Because I have quite a few followers on instagram, people think that I am famous. All my boyfriend says is ‘its so funny dating a celebrity’ and such like. I know he jokes and doesn’t really believe it. But its funny how people now see me as ‘famous’. I mean I’m not really, am I? I bet you that I have passed so many of you on the streets and I wouldn’t ever get recognised. Which I love! I get to make friends with people who I never would have gotten the privilege to meet otherwise. The internet is a wonderful place!

4- Candide photos

No I don’t have a photographer who follows me around in life and snaps a cute pic whenever I am not looking. Lets be honest, for my blog photos I go out of my way to take the photos, I ask someone to come with me and take them for me and I am 100% aware that the camera is there, I just choose not to look.

I hope that you can take this post in the light hearted way that it was intended. I love blogging and instagramming and all the social media-ing that I do. Being an ‘influencer’ is so much fun and I couldn’t think of a better hobby. (And I wont lie- if you want to do it, you gotta love it because I get next to no money benefits and simply do it for the love).