Going Army Style

I am loving the army style. I recently got this gorgeous army coat from Shein and I have really been enjoying styling it. Khaki green is one of my favourite colours and so I find it so fun to experiment with. So playing around with styling this jacket has been so fun.

The way that I have chosen to style it is with a simple grey jumper from Topshop. Its a really sweet, simple cropped jumper (that looks barely cropped on my short body- #shortgirlproblems). It has a cute little detail on the breast with the love heart. I love this jumper with the jacket as it allows the main focus of the outfit to be on the jacket and allows a lot of experimentation on the rest of the outfit.

I decided to wear my usual- black leggings! I find that a pair of leggings really complete a casual outfit and give you the ‘just rolled out of bed look’. ALSO THEY ARE SO COMFY AND LETS BE HONEST THAT IS WHAT WE GIRLS ARE ALL ABOUT!!

When it came to shoes, I decided to go a little risk√© and wear a pair of green camo shoes. If you are going to do this, you have to be really careful that the greens match and don’t look completely odd paired with one another. These casual shoes from the Zara sale are my new obsession! You may have already seen them featured on my instagram…. I think they go so well with this outfit though and really tie together the army style I was going for.

I am so in love with this coat and am so grateful for Shein for gifting it to me. The quality of the fabric is insane (especially for the price!!). I wont lie, its not the warmest of pieces and I was fricking freezing shooting this. But I think this will be go-to jacket when it comes to the spring transition; I cant wait to get my wear out of this!