The Lazy Girl Way To Straight Hair

I can be so lazy when it comes to my hair. I HATE how long it takes me to wash it and then dry it and then straighten it. I am a morning showerer, personally. So the amount of times that I have to skip the straightening process because I snoozed my alarm once to many times YET AGAIN…

But now my morning routine has changed FOREVER!!

*dramatic drumroll please*

I have discovered the new heated hair brush WHAAAAAT?!?! So the way that this works is that it looks like a regular hairbrush, except it has a wire attached to it. When you plug it in, it heats up the brush so that when you glide it through your hair it straightens it!

Honestly I feel like my straighteners may be made redundant now.

But in all seriousness, I am so in love with this product and cannot believe how long it has taken me to discover its existence. Although, because I have SUCH thick hair so when I do use these, I must admit that the result isn’t a sleek as when I use my straighteners. It does spot my hair from waving and kinking however, which is exactly what a girl needs for a natural, everyday look!

You can purchase this little beauty here and, because the AMAZING people at Tranquil Beauty are so kind, they’ve given me a discount code for you! Just use the code ‘EllieTen’ to get 10% off! You are welcome 😉