Celebrating Numbers

One of my all-time favourite quotes is ‘a million likes will never be enough if you don’t like yourself’. And it got me thinking, how many of us measure our happiness based on the number of people that clicked a little heart on our latest photo? How many of us feel superior to someone with 400 followers just because we have 14,000? How many of us long for more people to find us on the internet and get so excited whenever someone new clicks on their page?

It’s funny how many people measure success in numbers. And sure, numbers are a big part of blogging. But I feel like so many of us have lost their purpose and reason for blogging. I see so many people whose passion for it just… dies. It’s a funny concept, how they long for thousands of followers and then as soon as they hit that it’s like, well what was all of that for?

So I guess that gets me on to today’s little topic question; should we measure our success or even celebrate numbers in the blogging world? I won’t lie, I am ashamed to say that getting a new follower or comment makes me so happy. I get so excited when I get a little notification and it really brightens up my day when someone comments that they liked my post. But that’s not everything about blogging. That isn’t the reason why I started and that’s not what keeps me going.

Blogging can be hard and being a blogger isn’t smooth sailing. But what keeps me going is my drive and passion for it. I love taking photos and setting up flatlays and writing down my thoughts. But I would still be doing it regardless if I had 10 followers or 10 million followers. It’s something that I love and something that I want to do. I have been writing diaries and little novellas for years and never showed anyone. So I feel like this is just who I am and what I want to do, regardless of my follower count.

I guess in answer to my own question, I think that we should celebrate numbers, sure! Its excited when your account grows and you gain more supporters for your little corner of the internet. But it shouldn’t be so focused on. It shouldn’t be so important and at the end of the day you need to focus on why you started; for the love of the job.