The Home Diaries- The Finishing Touches Which Make A House A Home*

*this post is in gifted partnership with Primark Home


I have been LOVING creating these home diaries posts and it seems like you guys have been enjoying them too! I cannot tell you how many DM’s I’ve been getting asking when the next one is out and what’s my advice on this and what would I recommend for that and OMG I’m so honoured that you guys come to me for advice but also I am in no way an expert and am kinda just fumbling my way through myself! But to be able to inspire you in your own homes makes me so unbelievably happy.

One of the biggest things for me is to kit out my home in the most affordable way possible. As a 20-something working a 20-something year old job, making a house more of a home needs to be within my budget, whilst also not LOOKING like it’s been decorated on a budget.


Which is why I’m working with Primark Home on this post to show you how you can accessories your home without breaking the bank and without blowing your budget out of the water. Just for perspective, everything in this post all came to under £100 all together. The fact that I was able to decorate SO MUCH and fill SO MANY SPACES for under a 3-digit figure just blows my mind!



Adding a pop of colour

One of the biggest things we’ve really enjoyed doing in the new flat is being able to experiment with colours in different rooms. I’ve been LOVING mixing up different shades in different rooms in order to mix up the atmosphere/ vibe throughout. The throw pillows at Primark Home offer such a wide range of colours to choose from, as well as a variety of fabrics. I ADORE the mustard tones in these and love how they work with the grey sofa.



Gold, gold everywhere

I love adding gold accents into a room, but find that they can be so costly. I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw these gold pieces in Primark Home! They look SO high quality and so expensive, but they both came in at under £20. I adore the jewellery stand as a way to display all my gorgeous jewellery, as often I find that it gets hidden away in a box, never to be worn again. I also love the mirrored trinket tray which is the perfect coffee table accessory. I also find that I like to take off my glasses/ jewellery/ rings when I’m sitting and relaxing, so this is the perfect place to put them without the risk of loosing them.



The Natural Trend

I have been LOVING the earthy, natural tones which you see ALL OVER pinterest at the moment and, of course, had to jump on the trend. I am so in love with the way that Primark have incorporated them within their home range. I have been placing these all over the living room/ kitchen in order to give the rooms a much more natural vibe.


To say that I picked up every item in this haul/ collection for under £100 all together is just insane and excites me so much to be able to kit out my home and fill it with such high quality items for such affordable prices.