Summer Scents and My Summer Goals

Well I think we can officially say it… we’re in the summer months now. I love the summer months. Not just because of my birthday (2nd of June if anyone wants to write that down and send me cake), but because I love the optimism that comes with summer. The kind of optimism that makes you jump out of bed and grasp the day ahead of you.

I am the kind of person who is REALLY affected by the weather. Call it SAD, call it being sensitive, call it what you will, but the sun just changes my mood to no end. Being able to wake up with it streaming through my blinds actually makes me WANT to leave my bed at 8am. I want to make use of the longer days and warmer nights. I want to be outside, start exploring and make everything fresh again.

And one way that I LOVE doing that is changing up my summer scent wardrobe. You know how big I am on scents. I mean if I leave the house without perfume I feel NAKED, EXPOSED. So yeah, perfume is rather important to me. So I am partnership with Fragrance Direct to show you the new in additions to my perfume wardrobe.

I looove a fresh scent, especially in summer. So the Vera Wang LoveStruck perfume is just the ultimate ‘day’ scent for me. Now let’s address the elephant in the room… this ain’t no travel friendly perfume. This is the kind of bottle that you have in pride of place on your dressing table, for all to see and wonder at the extravagance of the bottle. I know that packaging is all controversial, but MY GOODNESS does it make me feel good to see that beauty of a bottle sitting on my dressing table. I wander if I could get a skirt with those flowers on it….

Summer nights are one of my FAVOURITE things about summer! I just adore sitting outside in a beer garden or pub or restaurant with nothing but a light jacket and a smile on my face. And for me the perfect scent to coincide with that feeling is none other than Georgio Armani ‘Si’. The elegant and classy bottle is whole other worlds from LoveStruck, but my goodness is it a beauty. I just adore how elegant and sophisticated with scent is… definitely the kind of thing you would wear for a summer date night!!

I have so many plans for this summer. Plans including my career. Plans including my personal life. Plans including moving house (end of June). and plans including my happiness. But I don’t like to get ahead of myself. They always say that when making big plans, you need to start with the smaller, simpler things. And I am starting with my summer scents.

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