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The Glow pack is the ultimate edit selection for all your travels. By softening shadows, brightening the image and adding a bit of warmth, it is the perfect edit to make your travel photos really stand out. In this download you'll receive a pack of 3 mobile edits to create the perfect finish to your travel pics.

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Installation Guide

1. You will need the Adobe Lightroom app downloaded (you can download the free version).

2. Once you have purchased the preset, you will be directed to a page with a download link.

3. Download the file.

4. Apple users – Airdrop the .DNG files to your phone from your computer.

5. Android users – Dropbox the .DNG files to your phone.

6. In the Lightroom mobile app, click the ‘import’ button and select the .DNG files from your camera roll.

7. Click on one of the .DNG files/photos and tap the … on the top right corner.

8. Select ‘create preset.’

9. Save the preset under the given name (e.g. Glow Preset).

Your presets are now be ready to use