On Trends, Why I am Often Late To Them and Thoughts On Fast Fashion

Recently there has been a bit of a movement when it comes to fast fashion. Suddenly everyone is waking up to their spending habits, their consumption and what that means in terms of the environment. It’s something that has been all over my feed recently, and playing on my mind a little bit.

You see, when it comes to trends, I am often late to them. Why?

Well I guess it is for a number of reasons: money, how quickly they’ll die out, whether I actually like them, whether they are readily available…. you get the gist. But another big reason why I am quite late to trends is because I am really trying to think about my consumption of fast fashion.

Being a blogger, it can be quite tricky. You upload a photo of a new coat you bought, new shoes and new jeans and you get slated for your ‘unhealthy’ spending obsessions. Your ‘unrealistic’ lifestyle and how damaging it is to the environment…

But then when you upload a photo of last year’s coat, an old pair of jeans and shoes that have sold out online, UPROAR. People complain that they can’t buy the outfit. They say ‘whats the point if it’s not available’ and they moan that you’re not being a good enough blogger.

So I’m a bit of a rock in a hard place, really.

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Consumerism is a hard one, because you want to be more careful of what you buy, what trends you dip your toe into and how you spend your hard-earned wage. But at the same time, fashion is fun! I love experimenting with styles. I love mixing up my outfits and coming into work with a different look each day.

I love the freedom that fashion gives you and I love the liberation of buying a new outfit and wandering how you are going to style it up.

So when it comes to trends, I am more than happy to hang onto my wallet for a little while longer until I am more than sure that I like what I see, in the name of consumerism and in the name of slowing down my fashion just a little.