My Transitional Makeup

The weather is officially getting a lot warmer and its time to really think about what to slap on our faces with this transitional weather. I wanted to talk a little bit about the makeup we wear when transitioning from Spring (ish) into summer. And even more excitingly, this post is a collab with my best friend Emily, who I have managed to persuade to start a blog! She’s got a gorgeous blog and has been working really hard at it, so give her some love and be sure to check her out! She’ll also be doing her transitional makeup in a blog post and its a good’un. Emily always has the best makeup taste and I loves her loads!

So lets get on with what I love to chuck on my face at this funny transitional time.

For base I will be using the Revlon photo ready primer. I find that this makes my makeup last so much longer and stops is sliding off my face, which is perfect for this muggy warm weather. I also love how it just gives my skin a glow from within, which I am all about!

You all know that my favourite foundation is the Nars sheer glow. I have been obsessed with it recently and find that it is just perfect for a transitional makeup look. Its very light and easily blendable. I like to apply it with a damp beauty blender because I find that this gives the best results and allows the makeup to really soak into your skin. You all know that for powder I am going to be using the Mac mineralise skin finish, Its so light, which is all we want for spring/summer! and just mattifies your skin without leaving it looking cakey. My favourite powder. Nuff said.

As we are heading into summer, I want to give my cheeks the littlest rosy tint, so I am using the H&M crème blush in ‘dusty rose’. Its such a pretty peachy shade colour and makes me look so healthy without having to dollop loads onto my cheeks. As its a crème blush, you don’t have to worry about it falling off throughout the day. Which is exactly what I look for in a product for transitional makeup!

I like to go very natural on my eyes, because all the pollen just gives me the worst hay fever and we don’t want to end up with winged liner smudges down our cheeks! So all I am going for is a bit of Roller Lash. This mascara compliments this look perfectly as it is so feminine and fluttery. I love my lashes with this on and I don’t have to worry about it smudging from my watery eyes!

Lastly, I like to go with a simple pop of colour on my lips. So I have chosen a Clinique chubby is mighty mimosa. Its such a pretty berry pink that it looks so natural. I also love how it moisturises my lips, as we dot have time for flaky lips in the summer! The only thing is that you will have to reapply once or twice throughout the day, but its worth it for the moisture.

So that is my transitional makeup look. Be sure to check out Emily’s tranisiotal makeup and leave her a comment saying that I semt you!