My Top Tips For Wedding Guest Styling

Weddings are SUCH an exciting time- and seem to be popping up every other weekend at this time of year! I myself have recently celebrated my cousin’s special day (props to you Victoria for planning the most perfect day) and I just forget how magical they are- the lights, the love, the guests. So when it comes to being invited to a wedding, your outfit styling is VITAL to make sure that you are a gorgeous guest, but still get through the day with no hiccups. So here are my top tips for wedding guest styling (with a few little helping hands from Next)


When it comes to shoes you NEED something comfortable. As tempting as those silver sparkly stilettos are, they just wont last you. I mean if you could honestly put your hand up and tell me that you would happily go the whole day without taking them off then I bow my hat to you, my friend. But if you are a real human then you will know the pain of wearing stilettos all day. And especially at an event were 90% of it involves you on your feet with a drink in your hand pulling the biggest smile because you never know when the photographer is going to snap an ugly double shin pick. This GAWGEOUS pair from next are just the perfect choice- it has everything you need when it comes to comfort! I mid sized heel (perfect for a petite gal like myself), they cover your toes because LOL it april and I havent had a pedicure since last september and they have an ankle strap! Could not have designed a more perfect pair of shoes myself.

2- The dress

When it comes to weddings I have experimented with many different options- jumpsuits, playsuits, suit suits… and let me tell you- just stick to a dress. Dresses are feminine, pretty and DOESNT MAKE YOU STRIP NAKED WHEN YOU NEED A TINKLE. But you also need to be careful, and by careful I mean don’t be that dick that rocks up in a ‘cream’ dress trying to play off that its acceptable because its not white. I am sooo in love with this yellow number. As a girl who is normally TERRIFIED of this colour, I am so amazed at my choice! But this number is soooo gorgeous and actually suits my skin tone so well- props to you Next! I looove how comfortable it is (lol can’t deal with those girls who show up to a wedding in a body con and just have to stare at the wedding cake wishfully). I am sooo in love with this dress and really want to find another excuse to wear it now! Shop it HERE

3- Makeup

Wedding makeup can be tricky- you want to look hella glam but also why have the pictures come back with patchy skin and WHY DO I LOOK LIKE I HAVE BEEN PUNCHED IN THE EYE?!?!? Keep it simple. Natural makeup is always best when it comes to weddings. Ask Bobbi Brown herself! Bronze eyes and nude lips are just a must- it’ll keep you looking perky without it seeming like your ready for a night on the toon.

4- Spanx

TMI? I think not. I cannot be without my spanx when it comes to weddings- they are just the perfect way to hide a multitude of sins. I cannot tell you the amount of times that photos have come back from the wedding and I DID NOT KNOW that the camera was pointing at me. Oh, the shame. So head down to your local M&S and embrace the granny life. You’ll thank me later.

5- Clutch bag essentials

You cannot go the entire day without bringing some supplies- inside my clutch bag is a packet of skittles, a mini perfume, lippy and a box of paracetamol (probably will be in need of that in the morning). Keep the bag simple so that your focus can be on the dress- that is why I have chosen this gorgeous Next number. I just adore the little cross over the detail- such a perfect way to add a touch of summin’ summin’ but without taking any attention away to my dress that MAKES ME LOOK LIKE THE SUN

So there you have it. A lengthy guide to wedding gust styling! If you are heading to a wedding this spring then I wish the couple the best of luck in their marriage and I wish you the best of luck on the dance floor. Show them your moves, baby.

*all items gifted by Next but all opinions and tips are my own