Is It Too Early To Talk About THE Trend For The Summer?


OKAY so I know I’m being a little bit pre-emptive about it being summer but I just can’t help it!! This weekend heatwave has got me SO READY for sun, heat, summer and all the shenaigans that come with it (except the thigh rub- I don’t think anything can prepare you for that).


And with summer BASICALLY upon us, it’s time to start talking about the hottest trend that you literally cannot avoid this year. Everyone is wearing them and everyone looks hella cute in them…. dainty tees!



I think summer has always had a space for cutsey tees but this year they are having a MOMENT. You just can’t avoid them! From the highstreet to high end, and even up to the designers themselves, everyone wants a cut of this hot summer trend.


And I for one am NOT complaining.


Some trends can be tricky to join, they can be expensive or time consuming or just complicated to follow- not the dainty tee trend, however. I mean the extensive list of companies that are jumping on the trend is ENDLESS and means that you can pick up a tee which calls to you from almost anywhere… and for so affordable too! I’ve been heavily invested in the trend for a little while and splurged on something a little more spenny… this Revolve tee is a lot pricier than what I would normally go for but is just the perfect addition to my wardrobe and something that I plan on wearing throughout summer (and hopefully into Autumn).



So I have put together two mini edits in this post- a luxury edit and a budget edit. If you’re looking to dive head first into the trend and are ready to jump into the deep end, then these more luxury items will last you well, my friend. If you’re planning on wearing the trend throughout the extent of summer and don’t intend on filling your wardrobe of many options, but would rather invest in one or two items then this is the edit for you. However if you’re the kind gal that likes to mix and match on a budget, then my under £20 guide is your buddy. These are the perfect tees if you want to dip your toe into the trend but would rather wade in the shallow end first, decide if you like what you see and then maybe go further into the trend the more you like.


The Luxury Edit

The Budget Edit


Whichever edit is for you, this is the hottest trend this summer and a look that will continue into the scorching months this year, and damn I’m excited.