How To Plan Your Day If You Live With Anxiety

It’s no secret that I suffer from anxiety. I have spoken quite openly about it on my numerous platforms and will always give the best advice/ opinions when I can and where I see fit. Of course, I am no expert and just speaking from personal experience, but it sometimes feels nice to chat to other people about it and just feel like you’re not alone, eh?

I am sure you all know the feeling of anxiety, sweaty palms, sinking feeling in your pit, dizzy spells and fainting episodes- it ain’t pretty. For me, planning my day ahead is one of the biggest reducers of anxiety and helps me get through my week as smoothly as possible. I thought that I would share my best tips for planning my day and reducing my levels of anxiety,

Set an alarm

It sounds like such a silly, simple thing, but for me, setting an alarm and keeping my wake-up time consistent helps me so much. Giving myself structure from the moment I wake up helps me enormously and allows me to start my day right.

Create a manageable to-do list

One of my biggest fears during the day was not getting enough done on my to-do list It occurred to me recently that I was creating such unrealistic to-do list, I was never going to get through it! Instead, I now prioritise my jobs and create a to-do list of things that are achievable.


For me, exercising really helps me reduces my levels of stress and helps me get through my day. Personally, 3 times a week is achievable and something that I can actually do- everyday is a great goal but so unrealistic!! Setting aside a few hours a week to workout is the perfect way to destress and let out the endorphins. Trust me, you’ll feel amazing for it!

A night time routine

Being a blogger means that I sometimes struggle to give myself a set time to switch off and chill- so recently I started implementing a night time routine to get me settled before I go to sleep. Give yourself a set time to put away the laptop, turn off your phone and give yourself a bit of ‘me’ time before you drift off.

I hope the tips help you in some way to create a bit of order to your day and reduce your anxiety in some way.

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