How I Went from 0 to 50000 Monthly Views On Pinterest In 3 Months



Let’s chat a little bit about Pinterest… we’ve all heard of the inspirational site and I’m sure 99% of us can admit to creating more than one wedding board for our future husband to understand that blush and navy is the only colour scheme to every consider… it’s like Monica’s wedding book but online.


WELL did you know that Pinterest is so much more than simply pinning pretty dresses and oggling fancy interiors in homes we probably will never be able to afford. It can actually be an amazing way to expand your business and grow your brand online. Something that I have been delving into myself in the last few months.

To tell you the truth, this isn’t the first time I have tried to make it on Pinterest. I myself had read posts about gaining thousands on pageviews in a matter of months and used to think ‘I can so do that’ but I always got bored, lost interest and just gave up.


Not this time though.


This time I was determined to really utilise Pinterest within my business and make a name for myself on the app- and without tooting my own horn, I think I have achieved just that! Of course there are girls who are gaining hundreds of thousands, even millions of views each month, but being able to proudly say that I now have 50,000 unique pageviews a month (and growing) is something I am pretty chuffed about.

So how did I do it? Now we’re onto the bit of the post you really came here for. Well I have a few different tips, some conventional and probably pretty standard and some you might not of heard of before- but hear me out and I will explain why a combination of all of these helps me to grow my Pinterest into what it is today.


Post Consistently

The most mundane piece of advice ever, I know! But it really is the key to growth on the platform, I used to think that post 10 pins in one day and then none for like a week was enough.

How. Wrong. I. Was.

The truth is, you should be posting a few times a day, every day, in order to gain traction. I am now posting 3 of my own photos onto the app a day as well as pinning inspirational posts on top of that. I think I probably pin 7-1o pins a day every day. It sounds like a lot but once you get into the swing of things, it becomes so natural! For me now, I dedicate a few times a day to pin- I usually pin while eating my breakfast, while I take my 11am coffee break and when I’m chilling out in the evening. It really has helped accelerate my growth on the app.


Utilise Tailwind

If you really just DO NOT have the time to be logging onto the app more than once a day, then I would really recommend using Tailwind- it’s a scheduling app that allows you to schedule your pinterest posts, meaning that you can sit down once a week and plan the following week’s pins. I use this if I know I’m going to have a really busy week and won’t get a chance to touch the app during the day.


Narrow your Niche

Something that I haven’t heard many people speak about when chatting Pinterest is narrowing your niche on the app. I used to pin everything and anything that inspired me; interiors, food, outfits, street style, holiday shots…. and I really do believe that it stunted my growth BAD.

My followers just didn’t know what to expect from my profile and weren’t interested in the amalgamation of stuff that I was pinning.
Instead, decide on the niche which you are most interested in- for me that’s style, with a little bit of interior thrown in there. I love posting about fashion, street style, new purchases and accessorising and have made sure that my pinterest account actually reflects that. By knowing what you expect from you, people will be a lot more interested in your content and will result in your pageviews growing and growing.


Boards, Boards, Boards

I see so many people making the mistake that I used to make- just using the one same board to pin everything. No. Stop it now. Throw your phone on the ground and stomp on it… okay pls don’t do that.

But seriously, STOP pinning everything to one singular board! Pinterest allows you to open as many boards as you like, so make sure to utilise that! While still sticking to your niche, of course.

For example, I like to have a board for each individual season, I have one for street style shots, I have one for accessories, one for detail shots, one for outfits I really like and one for makeup/selfie style shots. By organising my pins into lots of little boards, it makes my account look so much neater and so much more aesthetically pleasing!


Of course there is the piece of advice that everyone gives which is to join lots of group boards, but I actually don’t think that is a great way to grow anymore. So many group boards are just about spamming their content in the hopes of gaining more views, but if you want people to find, like and engage with your content on Pinterest, then I prefer to grow more organically and on my todd.


I also want to note that these tips work best when they are put together. The amount of times that I myself read posts like this one and just followed one or two pieces of advice and, surprise, surprise, it didn’t work! To really find success you have to put ALL of these things into practise… oh, and have a little bit of patience.