Game Changing Rituals for a Better Sleep

I have always been a bad sleeper. Ever since I was a baby I used to keep my parents up. When I’m ill, I can’t sleep, when I’m stressed, I can’t sleep, when I’m excited, I can’t sleep. It has been that way my whole life that I kind of forgot that I could do something to change that. But recently I have been investing in a night time ritual in order to give me a better night’s sleep and I have actually really noticed a difference. It’s insane how just making a few little changes can really have a huge effect on your sleep pattern.

Stop working an hour before you to go bed

I was notorious for working up until midnight, then turning off my laptop and hopping into bed. And unsurprisingly, I would be awake for a good few hours, trying to switch my brain off. I have been a lot stricter with myself recently and have given myself a cut-off point; when it hits 11 o’clock, laptop off. No matter where I am with my work or whether I am on a roll. Turn it off. Stop working, but it away and allow yourself an hour to unwind before hopping into bed.

Stop eating before bed

I am DREADFUL for getting peckish late at night. I mean DREADFUL. The amount of times I will turn to my boyfriend at 1 in the morning saying ‘you hungry?’, only for him to roll his eyes at me. This is a habit that I need to stop! And I am saying ‘need’ because I am still guilty of this sin, I won’t lie. I know that eating before bed can keep you up for a while, not only is it damaging for your digestive system (and waist line!)

Take your makeup off as soon as you get home

I am a big fan of taking off my makeup. As soon as I am done for the day I take it off. I used to wait and not take it off until I was ready for bed, but the amount of times that I would fall asleep with it on, or I would be super sleepy then doing my night time routine would just wake me up! So I do my night time pamper as soon as I am done and home for the day. Whether that is at 3 pm or 9 pm. I find it’s the best way to let me unwind and get a better sleep later.

Turn off screens

This is the hardest thing to do, I know. But I find that if I am not scrolling through social media in bed, I sleep better. We all know it. And we are all guilty of doing it. But we can work together to stop scrolling and getting a better night’s sleep!