Blogging For The Money- The Taboo Topic No One Wants To Discuss

I think it’s no secret that being a blogger in 2018 can open many doors for you. It’s a job, a career even, there’s no doubt about that. It is what pays for rent, gas bills and that occasional Asos order that you really didnt need. But for so many of us, myself included, it was never intended that way. It was a means to escape, talk to complete strangers about personal topics. It was a way to give a little fashion inspiration to those who’s body shapes aren’t the same as the girls on Vogue. It was a hobby. And that was that.

But now it’s a whole different story. Blogging is, apparently, one of the most sought after jobs. So many people are seeing the opportunities and income that can be acquired through it and want a slice of the cake.

And recently, I have seen so many people talking about the integrity of bloggers. People saying that anyone who starts a blog now, doesnt have that same level of passion because they didn’t do it for years without being paid. They didn’t slog at their laptop for hours without any £££ signs in their eyes. They are only ‘in it for the money’.

But what’s so wrong with that?

I had an argument with a colleague at work the other day because he told me that bloggers only blog for the money. The irony of this conversation is that he works in sales, and earns a pretty hefty commission. I asked him if I told him that he was never going to earn his commission anymore, would he still show up for work everyday? Would he work as hard for the company? Hell what if he was told that he wouldn’t even earn a salary, but was still expected to come into work 9 till 5, Monday to Friday.

So why is it any different for bloggers?

I mean, if you are doing it purely for the money, then you’ll probably get bored pretty quickly and leave as fast as you arrived. Because blogging is tough. It’s one of the most competitive jobs with very little monetary reward in the beginning. I’ll tell you now, I blogged for 4 years without a single form of payment. And for the amount of hours I put in compared to what I get back now, well you would probably call me crazy (as much of my family actually does).

But yes, blogging can make you a hefty salary eventually. It can give you opportunities that you would have never otherwise been offered. It is a very desirable job and one that I do applaud people for doing.

I guess what I am saying is that blogging is a job, just like so many others. And like so many others, it has its perks and it has it’s set backs. So if you want to do it for the money, go for it! And if it’s purely a passion, with monetisation on the side, that’s cool to.

But what blogging does offer is a sense of freedom. It allows us to set our own schedule and be our own girl boss, and that is NOT something to put someone down for.

So stop expecting people to work for free. And stop assuming that all we see is £££ signs in front of our eyes, I’m sure you, Mr Banker, didn’t get into your job expecting to work for free, so stop expecting us to.