A Little Look Back On 2018

One of my favourite things about Christmas is the impending New Year that looms so closely in sight. I feel like the last month of the year is so filled with wine, gingerbread and movie nights in while we all store away our drive and ambition, ready to come out once the 1st of January rolls around. It’s full of joy, festivities and ‘oh that can wait until January.’ We are all ready for bed at 8 and spend 90% of our days in PJ’s, hibernating until it is time to put those NY resolutions into full swing. But it’s also the time to reflect on the year gone by, to look at how far you have come, what you achieved and where you are now compared to the 9th of December 2017.

2018 has been one of the best years of my life.

I have achieved things that I never thought possible, I have had some collaborations which I thought would only ever be a dream, I have matured, I have grown up and I have become a whole new person to who I was this time last year.

But at the same time, this year has had it’s downs. It’s very, very downs. I have had my fair share of breakdowns (thanks mum for always being on the other end of Facetime to pick me up and pull me together) and it has taught me some really hard life lessons. I think the biggest lesson that I have learnt is that I am the only person who is going to give me the life that I want. So if I want something, then I need to bloody well pull my socks up and work my little bum off to get it.

Revolutionary, right?

Although the 9th of December is a little early to be looking into the new year just yet, I still am very excited about 2019. I think, hope and pray that it is going to be a beautiful year for me. There’s a few MASSIVE life things happening for me next year; I’m turning 21 in June which should mean a lot of bubbly, a lot of bottle popping and the excitment of being an official adult. I also graduate next year (duh duh duh) which means that it is finally time to grow up and get a big girl job (duh duh duh).

Seeing the person that I am today compared to the version of me this time last year really excites me about what my life is going to look like on the 9th of December 2019.

But until the new year rolls around, let’s snuggle down in this festive season of sellotape, gingerbread and mulled wine and wait out the New Year ready to fight the good fight.