6 Ways to Refresh Your Winter Wardrobe

6 Ways to Refresh Your Winter Wardrobe

I get it. It’s winter. Fashion inspiration has gone completely out the window and all you want to do is throw you a pair of leggings and baggy jumper every day. But winter hibernation doesn’t have to be all bad! I love refreshing my wardrobe and at this time of year it is definitely needed, because if I get one more ice warning with no signs of snow then this girl is gonna flip.

Mix Up Your Textures

I love mixing textures. Throw on a chunky knit over a pair of leather leggings. Add a silk skirt to a pair of thick black tights. Biker boots with flowy skirts? Yes, please sir. Have a play around with the different materials in your wardrobe and see how textures work alongside each other. You would be amazed how much juxtaposing styles can mix up your look.

Update Your Accessories

When it comes to winter dressing, your accessories are the first thing seen- I’m talking scarfs, hats, gloves… you get the gist. There are so many places where you can buy affordable accessories which will allow you to change up your look massively. I hate feeling in a slump with an outfit, but by just switching up your accessories can completely remake an outfit.

Re-visit your autumn wardrobe

One thing I never think about in winter is revisiting my autumn wardrobe but my goodness will it refresh your look! Autumn, for me, is all about layers whereas winter is more focused on chunky knits and anything thick, warm and fuzzy. But diving into your many, many autumnal layers can give such inspiration for a winter outfit. Your favourite jumper? I wander what that would look like underneath a cute cardigan. What would happen if I put a pair of tights underneath my favourite midi skirt? See where we’re going here?

Shoes shoes shoes

The winter slump for me also involves my footwear. I get into such a slump, heading the same boots over and over again. Why not dive into your shoe-drobe and see what pairs have been laying obsolete? If you’ve got a pair of tights on, ballet shoes will work and won’t freeze your ankles to death! Why not style your favourite pair of trainers with a pair of thick socks and cute jeans? The point is, experimentation is a part of the fun.

Makeup counts too

Winter style doesn’t just include the clothes you throw over your head. Your makeup is also as much as a part of your winter wardrobe as the jeans on your bum. So mix it up! See what products you have lying around in your drawer and bring them out of the shadows. Maybe add a red lip? A winged liner? A smokey eye? There are so many ways to change up your makeup look which can have such a knock on effect to the rest of your look.

Thermals are your best friend, friends

I love me a pair of winter thermals. As granny-ish as they look, they sure are cosy. When it comes to winter styling, sometimes I want to wear an outfit which would in no way be feasible on its own. Add a thermal top underneath and BAM you’ll be toasty warm.

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