Why Happiness Should Be Your Top Priority

Recently I have noticed a shift in my mindset. I am putting myself more first, focusing on what is right for me, and adjusting what I need to accordingly. The biggest shift that I have noticed is my priorities- in the past I have priorities many things which I now understand to have been a mistake: money, other people’s feelings, ease, comfort.

But now that has changed.

Now I realise what should be my top, and number one priority- my happiness.

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So what is happiness? I guess, in it’s truest form, happiness is the feeling of contentment. It’s that little sigh you do after a long day when you know that you couldn’t, or wouldn’t, have done the day any differently. It’s the feeling of that little grin creeping over your face. It’s a childlike emotion, which simply warms your heart with joy.

And why should be prioritise that feeling?

Because it’s what makes life worth living.

Recently I made a really big, scary and risky decision to walk away from something which was making me miserable. The implications were quite big, in my eyes, and walking away was a decision which I did not take lightly. I was terrified of the consequences, terrified of the domino effect and terrified to put myself first.

But you know what? Walking away, and choosing my own happiness over anything else was the best decision I could have made.

I am such a believer that you attract what you are. So if you choose to be happy- you’ll attract more happiness. Just by radiating that glow, people around you will share the feeling and, in turn, multiply the feeling of joy.

What I am saying is that your happiness effects more than just your mood. It effects your work load, it effects your health, it effects your relationships with others and even your relationship with yourself.

Everything stems from being happy- so let’s start making that a priority.