Why Fethiye Needs To Be Next On Your Travel List



If you’re anything like me, your travel bucket list will be at least 2 pages long with locations being constantly added. You’ll scribble notes beside each country with restaurant recommendations, location ideas and hotels. You’ll sit down and pick from the list when choosing your next holiday and, despite many trips abroad,


WELL it looks like you’re about to add one more destination to that never-ending list. Oops.


Fethiye is an area on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey which NEEDS to be added straight onto your travel bucket list. It is such a beautiful area in a beautiful country that I would 100% recommend visiting. The gorgeous cost lines and huge array of attractions means it’s the perfect place to visit for a do-it-all getaway. So here are the reasons Fethiye needs to be next on your travel list.





Okay so this OBVIOUSLY had to be the first thing that I spoke about because HELLO I JUMPED OFF A CLIFF. I have been to Fethiye before but chickened out from the paragliding and regretted it so much. This year going there I was so determined to jump off that blooming cliff and I am so so proud of myself for doing it! Oludiniz (the area just beside Fethiye) is famous for it’s paragliding because apparently it’s the number 1 place to paraglide in the world. Paragliders come from all over the globe to jump off this particular cliff because of it’s amazing thermals, great winds and high peak.

If you are wanting to do the paragliding- here’s a break down of what to expect:

So you obviously paraglide with a professional who knows exactly what they are doing. I would recommend using Sky Sports as apparently they are the only company in the area who have a British health and safety approval. All of their paragliders have either competed in the sport or have 15 years experience under their belt. They make you feel very safe and explain the whole process to you. To tell you the truth, the scariest part of the experience is the journey up the mountain in the mini bus! When you get to the top you’ll be strapped in with your pilot and told to run towards the edge of the cliff. To be honest, the running really isn’t that bad- mainly because you’ll likely only take two or three steps before you realise that your feet aren’t on the ground anymore and you can sit back and enjoy the ride. The scariest part for me was actually the landing- you come in quite quickly to the ground and it looks like you’re never going to stop. But there will always be people ready to catch you for when you land.

If you are planning a trip to Fehtiye, this is honestly the number 1 thing I would recommend. A real once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.



The gorgeous beaches

Oludeniz and Fethiye lie on the Mediterranean sea and so have the most gorgeous, unspoilt beaches to visit. The coves and islands surrounding the area protect their beaches and result in a really calm water to paddle about in. If you are looking for a very picturesque, sandy beach I would definitely recommend one of the private beach clubs- they cost a little more than a public beach but it’s totally worth it for the views and the quiet.


The Island Tours

Something that Fethiye is renowned for is close proximity to Rhodes. If you’re looking to do a bit of Island exploring, then you can grab a boat tour over to the island and spend the day there.



The Mountain Views

As Fethiye is in the middle of gorgeous picturesque mountains, the views that the area offers are just spectacular. I would 100% recommend booking onto an excursion and being given a tour of the area. The views are more than worth the car journey up the mountain!


Butterfly Cove

This is a very seasonal attraction and something I am gutted that we weren’t in season for. If you are planning on visiting around September time, the butterfly cove is a must visit. I am actually tempted to come back just for this…. is that a bit lame?


The night life

We stayed in a village/town just above Fethiye in the mountains called Hisoronu- it’s famous for it’s restaurants, hotels and night life. If you’re looking to grab a drink in a lively bar or you want to stay somewhere close to all the action, I would definitely recommend looking for somewhere here. It’s easy to hop on a bus to the other towns (it cost 60p a bus ride) and is such a great location for those who like the action!