Why Blogosphere Magazine Is The Best Thing To Have Entered The Blogosphere

The blogosphere has been under a heck of a lot of stress recently. Not only are people who do not understand the community on a witch hunt to get us, but those within the network seem to knocking off each other’s crowns instead of fixing them. I have seen SO MANY posts about how it feels as though the blogosphere has changed at the moment and people sharing their experiences of the struggles of the network.

The blogosphere is an ever-evolving and ever changing place.

As a network that wasn’t even around 5 years ago, there are no rules. No do’s or don’ts as to how to behave, how to portray yourself or how to just be a blogger. There are more people entering the blogosphere on a daily basis than there are babies being born (maybe not) and the network has grown bigger than antarctica (again maybe not). But the blogosphere has grown substantially and is now a place full of like-minded people who can discuss lighting and affiliate links and algorithms without boring each other! However the blogosphere can be a challenging place, with jealousy and drama occurring on a daily basis.

In comes Blogosphere magazine. A young mag that has brought a whole new light into the blogosphere and something that I feel can only better the community. As a magazine that is purely set up to share amazing creators, gorgeous pics and stunning instagrams, there is little room for improvement with this little mag.

And before you start rolling your eyes thinking AD, SPON, PAID PARTNERSHIP. This is not. I am not working with Blogosphere here, but simply stating my opinion on the magazine. So here are the reasons why I think that Blogosphere mag is the best thing to have entered the blogosphere;

1- Find new accounts

Something that I ADORE about the mag is that they share so many amazing account, regardless of that person’s follow count. Whether you have 4,000 or 44,000, if you feed is pretty you could be featured! I have found so many amazing ladies through their suggestions and have become good friends with some!

2- It is so genuine

I LOVE LOVE LOVE how I don’t have to flit through 24 pages of ads before the magazine even starts. The editors and creators clearly think long and hard about the advertising content that is put into the magazine as its so selective and so on par with what their readers want.

3- Awards

One thing I love about the mag is the blogosphere awards. A bit of a new concept for me (as someone who has never been involved in any blogging awards), but sounds amazing. Being able to honour someone for their creativity, their hard work and their passion through an award is just such an amazing and positive thing to add to the network.

4- Stories

I just love the ‘in the spotlight’ and the insight you get into the individuals who are featured in the magazine. For example, something I had never thought of before was Lydia’s response to relatability and how it is all circumstantial. To someone, being relatable might involve a topshop bag. To other’s it might be a Gucci. Being able to get a featured story about bloggers you aspire to and look up to is such an amazing way to gain insight into their lives!

When it comes to the blogosphere network, it can be full of positivity but it can also be full of negativity. And something that the magazine brings is a whole new light of joy. I just adore the mag and cannot wait for every new episode to slide through my letter box!