What I’m Currently Loving


You know what I miss? Old school blog posts where we sit down with a cuppa tea in hand and chat about some of my favourite things that I have been loving. Sometimes the OG blogposts are what the world is missing.

So here we are.

A good old favourites post.


I feel like I might be a little rusty with these because I haven’t done one in YEARS. And by years, I literally mean years. I haven’t done one in so long that when I thought about writing this post, I literally had to sit down for about an hour and think really hard about what I have actually been loving. But here we are, I hope you’re got something nice and hot to hand because we gonna dive straight in.



Fave Trend- Strappy Sandals

If you haven’t seen the strappy sandal trend, have you been living under a rock?! The 90’s trend is here and I am LIVING for it! I love how dainty, elegant and gorgeous the trend is and I cannot get enough. I’ve linked some favourites for you below.

Fave Blogger- Hello Thalia

The blogger who’s content I have been LOVING recently is my girl, Thalia. Her OOTD posts are so stunning and I’m always screenshotting her looks to save for later. Defo check her out if you’re after some wardrobe inspo.


Fave Show- The Good Place

I actually CANNOT BELIEVE that I have only recently discovered the Good Place on Netflix. Where have I been this whole time? What was I doing? If you are like me and didn’t know what The Good Place is, it’s a Netflix show about the concept of what happens after death if you are good and bad and that’s all I can really say because anything else will just ruin the whole story line. Check it out, it’s defo worth a binge.


Fave Food- Gluten Free Pizza Express

Well I’ve had a bombshell dropped on me recently and that’s that I have a gluten intolerance. I’ve now had to enter a whole new world of what has gluten and what doesn’t and what can I eat and what can’t I? It’s a strange world and it makes me realise the unfairness of having an intolerance. I’m so grateful for Pizza Express for providing the world with their gluten free range so that we can still enjoy a carb-loaded pizza without worrying about bloating like a puffer-fish. If you know of any other great gluten free alternatives, then help a girl out and leave them in the comments.


Fave Home Wear- Matalan Home

I only recently discovered just how bloody amazing Matalan Home was when I had the pleasure of working with them. (this aint sponsored, I just fricking love their home range) I’ve linked some pieces I’ve got from them, and some which are on my wishlist for next payday.



Let me know what you’ve been loving recently and if you like the OG style blogposts.