The Newest Highstreet Trend You Need In Your Wardrobe- The Block Jumper

Block colour jumpers are EVERYTHING right now and I can see why. Channeling your inner 80’s vibes while effortlessly rocking the COMFIEST THING KNOWN TO MAN is definitely something I am on board with. I love being able to experiment more with colours and textures, and using a block jumper to incorporate a bit of summin’ summin’ is just such a fab trend right now.

Block jumpers are everywhere right now. You can’t go two steps down the highstreet without bumping into a red and black or pink and white combo and I LOVE IT. I just adore how easy they are to style and how effortlessly chic you look in them. This Newlook number is an absolute winner for me (my mamma spotted it and wont stop taking credit). HERE is the link btw.

Personally I have never really been on board with the red trend until now. I always found that it kind of drowned me out and looked WAY to festive for a January wear.


This block colour red is such a perfect way to ease yourself into the trend without feeling overwhelmed. And the white and black make it the perfect combo for almost any outfit! I adore styling this with a simple black skinny jean for the perfect effortless look. I have receieved SO MANY compliments since wearing this piece from friends, family and even strangers (and you can just see my mum looking so smug whenever someone says they like it).

With such an easy piece comes SO MANY outfit opportunities- jeans, skirts, joggers, over dresses. I cannot wait to style this up with different looks and show you just how versatile it is!

As the highstreet has clocked the trend and are releasing some absolutely STUNNING pieces that I have fallen in love with, I thought that I would link some of my faves for you to have a nosey at. Happy shopping!


This green one

This Pink One

This Pink and Purple One

This Green One

This Red One

Photography by- Amy Ford she is INSANE go and check her out