The Guilt of The Spend


Something that has been on my mind a far bit recently is just how much STUFF I buy. As a blogger, particularly a fashion blogger, it’s kinda my job to be constantly scrolling through new in sections of websites and pulling together my favourite items into one cute lookin fit which you can easily buy and even put together yourself.

But frankly, I’ve recently been really feeling a huge sense of guilt from doing that.

Guilt in three ways:

Firstly, there’s obviously the big one: the massive environmental impact of fast fashion and doing so many hauls of clothes. I’m adding to the damage this industry causes and I’m not okay with that anymore.

Secondly, there’s the moral dilemma. I know for a fact that shopping is addictive. Browsing through ASOS is addictive. That thrill you get when you place an order is addictive. What I’m doing is encouraging a habit which is quite unhealthy and, frankly, as addictive and placing a bet in a betting shop. (Is that what there called – you can tell I’ve never been in one)

And thirdly, it’s the guilt of how much frigging money I’ve thrown away on clothes. A tenner here, a few quid there… it adds up. And when I think about it, I would much rather have to save up for one big purchase then throw my money away on 20 small ones.

The point I’m trying to make is that I no longer want to be encouraging huge spending sprees and a shopping habit that mirrors that of an addiction.

I want to show you how many different ways you can wear one top, one jumper, one skirt.

I want to show you that, actually, you don’t need to hit the high streets for a new fit but can actually shop your own wardrobe for something cute to wear.

I want to show you that staying on top of the trends doesn’t have to just be about owning the latest pair of shoes from a fast fashion retailer. Sometimes it’s saving up your hard earned cash for that big item that’s gonna last you a lifetime.

So yeah, I guess this blogpost is just me kind of putting it out into the universe that I don’t want to be doing 3/4 online orders a week. I want to cut down on what I order and really invest in pieces that will stand the test of time.

I’m hoping that my writing this post I can hold myself accountable for my actions in the future and come back to this whenever I’m tempted to jump to a fast fashion retailer to see what new in pieces have changed since yesterday.

This is a change that I really want to make around here and a change that I’m hoping you guys are going to like.

No one needs to do a great deal of shopping to have a killer wardrobe, not even this blogger.