The Blogging World Is Changing But What Is In Store For It’s Future?

I have seen so many bloggers- BIG BLOGGERS- talking about the death of blogging. They have spoken about how their readers are becoming less interested and how instagram can just do everything and, basically, they are letting their blog take a back seat for a little while. So I wanted to have my input and give a little summin’ summin’ to this discussion.

Because it could not be more bulls*t.

Blogging isn’t dying out. In fact, it’s growing larger than ever. So to hear these big bloggers talking about how they can ‘see’ the slow death of the blog is a little bit heartbreaking. Personally, I f*cking love blogs. I love scrolling through my favourite blogger’s feeds and seeing what makeup they are wearing or what outfit they are loving or chatting about topics that really speak to them. I love it.

And I can understand why many people dont. Blogs are hearty, you need a small chunk of your time to shift through your faves and take in what that person is getting across. And granted, instagram can give you information in more manageable chunks and in a much neater, handier little app. But if anything, the recent events shows how little control over our instgrams. Almost overnight the app tipped itself upside down and took away the third party API. They are affecting jobs, they are affecting lives- all through a slight change in a little app on our phone.

Your blog is your own, you can literally OWN the domain (which I do). You can choose how it looks and who sees your posts and how you promote them. You can chat about what you want and discuss what you want and just do whatever you damn well please.

So for so many BIG bloggers to openly be talking about how they will be taking a step back really shocks me! I want to shake them and tell them how much I bloody love their posts and their design and their voice.

But I guess this really shows how the blogging world is changing, and you know what? I think blogging is an underdog’s game now. The one’s who enjoy it most, the ones who engage most and the ones who seem to enjoy it most are the underdogs. The ones who cant making a living out of it, but maybe take in a few shekels here and there.

The blogging world has changed, and with so many bigger bloggers choosing to neglect theirs a little more than before, it’s time for the underdog to take centre stage and have their fun.

The future of blogs are changing- it’s now anyone’s business.