Practising A Little Bit Of Self Love

Self love is so important. It rejuvenates you, it resets you for your day and it gives you a bit of time off. When it comes to practising self care, so many of us let it slip. We ignore our bodycare, we let things slip and we don’t look after ourselves. We let ourself go weeks or months without really taking the time out to dedicate an evening to just giving yourself some time. As it’s women’s month (hell yes to us), I want to talk about some really important ways AS WOMEN that we can take our time back and give ourselves a bit of self love.

Take a social media break

One thing I like to do when I’m giving myself an evening of self love is not look at my socials. I turn off notifications and sometimes even log myself out of each account. Taking away the temptation to just sneak a peak at my follower count or seeing who’s commented on my latest post takes away the stress of social media. It’s my job, it’s how I earn my income and it’s something that needs to be put away from time to time. So turn off your phone, put it away and just give yourself some time away from that little screen.

Set the mood

When it comes to an evening of self love, I always rely on my L’occitane pillow spray. I spritz it around the room and the scent is just so calming and makes me feel instantly better.

Give your body something to thank you for

I loooove giving my body a treat. Recently I have been LOVING all the body care products from L’occitane, they are just the perfect treat for a night of self love! Butter yourself up or give yourself a pamper and I promise you that your body will thank you for it.


I always let my reading habits slip a few months into the year. Every January I promise myself that I’ll read more and every March I see the pile of books I was planning on picking up. So give yourself a bit of time to catch up on some of the reading you’ve been wanting to catch up on.

Give yourself an early night

Go. To. Bloody. Bed. One MAJOR part of self care is just treating your body right, and something that I do far too often which is so damaging is just not giving myself enough sleep. When I want to give myself a bit of self love, I’m usually in bed by about half nine ready to give my body the rest it needs.

So this March make sure you are practising a bit of self love and giving yourself that time that you need!!

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*this post is sponsored by L’occitane but all opinions and tips are my own