Playing the Instagram Game

There are sooo many theories and solutions and techniques coming out these days regarding Instagram and the new algorithm, I just can’t keep track!

Recently the biggest theory to come out is the iPhone theory. This is the theory that Instagram ‘prefers’ iPhone images and therefore will favour them on other peoples feeds.

My phone has BLOWN UP over blogger’s testing this theory what they have found works and whether a camera image will perform better or an iPhone image.

The other week I was listening to Millie and Sophie’s podcast on ‘Keeping It Candid’ and one thing I found SO INTERESTING was their conversation about posting and about how much thought and effort goes into one picture.

For instance, Sophie will ONLY post between the house of 8 and 9 (both a.m. and pm). She never posts in between then and she spoke all about the activity on each image. For instance, how quickly it picks up, the over all engagement etc etc.

And my god I was in shock! I was shocked at how strict she was about posting and I was shocked at how much thought goes into each image.

Now I’m not slagging the girl off by any means, in fact I bloody admire her from a business perspective as she is so in tune with what her followers like, what they want and what works in terms of activity.

But personally, I have never really put that much thought into my posting. I usually post once, sometimes twice a day. I sometimes post at 8 in the morning, sometimes it’s 10. Other times I won’t be on my phone at all the whole day and then will upload at 7 that night. It all depends on my schedule, my availability and just generally what’s going on in my life at the time.

But with all these rumours of theories and what works and what doesn’t, it really got me thinking about how little I think. I don’t tend to over analyse my pics. I rarely use my insights to see what works and what doesn’t and I have never tried to play some sort of Instagram ‘game’. But maybe I should.

But does that detract from the fun of it? I used to get such bad anxiety if I didn’t have enough content or hadn’t spent X amount of hours on insatgram but my attitude towards it has changed so much recently. I worry that if by ‘trying to play the game’ I take away what started off as an enjoyable platform to snap and upload pics.

I would love to chat about whether you use methods or technique to try and overcome the new algorithm! Leave them in the comments!!

If I do start using methods I may have to do a follow up post of what I have found works, and what is plain old bull.