My Transitional Style Staples

As I am writing this, I am cuddled under a blanket with a cup of tea in my hand and MY GOODNESS IT IS MAKING ME EXCITED FOR AUTUMN. I frigging love chillier weather and how you can just curl up and snuggle down and get all cosy. One of my favourite things about autumn is how I can just experiment a lot more with my style and layer so many pieces together. When it comes to autumn styling there are a few pieces that I just cannot live without, so I thought that I would talk you through the staples that I have been loving!

A Denim Jacket

You know me and my denim jackets. I cannot live without them and they are just the perfect for transitional weather. I have a few that I love, but my ultimate favourite is this black topshop one. Its goes with so many outfits and can be doubled up with a pair of blue jeans to rock the double denim look.

Mom Jeans

WHO DOESNT LOVE MOM JEANS?? I have actually gotten to the point where I dread to put on skinny jeans- I mean who enjoys stunning their legs into the stiff fabric? Not me.

Mom jeans are the perfect style staple for autumn dressing and can be layered with so many things! My favourite pair are this Topshop number, lets be honest, Topshop always kill it with the denim game.

Bright Coloured Bag

I have been really loving adding a pop of colour into my wardrobe at the moment. I find that it really jazzes up an outfit and adds an element of chic to it. I actually have a full post coming soon about this so keep your eyes peeled.

Statement Belt

I have recently invested in a Gucci belt and am loving how it looks. It really jazzes up an outfit and makes anything look so much more expensive! If you arent into the whole designer element, then you can always invest in a plain black one. This one is from Zara and I love the thick black leather and how it draws attention to the waist.


Even though we are through with the sunny weather, I still love whipping out my sunnies. Having a cute pair of sunglasses, even in the autumn, looks so chic and classy!

Holla at me if you are as excited as I am for autumn and cannot wait for the chilly weather to start!