How To Style A Neutral Tone For Winter

I know, I know, why the hell is the clumsiest person on this earth talking about neutrals and wearing an almost all-white outfit? Well ya girl doesn’t always make the best decisions but it’s called FASHUN okay.

Neutral tones are EVERYWHERE right now, and I am living for it.

But wearing it can be quite tricky, and not just because my skin reflects the colour of milk and so wearing a very light outfit can make me represent that of a ghost. But styled correctly and you can walk around with an aura of sophistication, or my boyfriend tells me I look like a chic sheep- take that what you will.


My best tip would be to layering. I mean first off, it’s winter folks. I am sure you are not expecting to walk around with a denim jacket and a pair of gloves and be set. But when it comes to styling neutrals, layering is even more important! Adding in different textures and layers can really break up an outfit. Adding different lengths will lengthen your look and add some more interest to an otherwise very monotone outfit.


Trainers- NetAPorter

Coat- Topshop

Tee- Topshop

Aliceband- Topshop

Jeans- Asos

Mix Up Tones

Although I do agree that neutral doesn’t exactly have a vast colour palette to experiment with, but mixing up different shades within the neutral tone will really create some interest to an outfit. Add a cream jumper to a pair of stark white jeans. Maybe pair a beige jumper with a cream coat. Wearing just one individual colour can make you look like an extra in a kids school play (I’m still scared about playing a sheep in the nativity but whatever), but adding in slightly different tones will give such an interesting mix to an all neutral look.

Stick to slim fitting

I normally would never say to stick to slim lines, but white or light colours are infamous for making you look bigger than you are. So if you are worried about looking double your size in an all white outfit, then just put a little more thought into the styles you are wearing. Steer clear of baggy, oversized looks and instead go for more figure-hugging styles.

Don’t be afraid of spilling

I have had SO MANY messages about how you could never wear an all white or all neutral outfit because you are guaranteed to spill on it. Well to that I say sod it. I am honestly the clumsiest person I know and will admit that I wear my coffee more than I drink it. But is that stopping me from wearing what I want? You bet your ass it isn’t. If ya spill, ya spill- at least it’s a good ice breaker.

Photography- Ami Ford Photo