How To Incorporate Hygge In Your Home

I LOVE the notion of Hygge. I love the concept of cosiness and LOVING the space you live in. As an introvert, it just screams my name and makes me go YESS BRING ME THE COSY. When I started focusing on bringing Hygge to my home, I quickly learnt that it was more than just a trend and actually a way of life. (And btw its a pretty fab way of life)

Being more grateful, slowing down and just surrounding yourself with positivity just makes you feel so much more whole as a person. So here are a few ways to experience Hygge at home.

Giving Everything A Purpose

Something that I learnt quite quickly is that my home is filled with useless things. I mean the amount of items I had just for decoration was kind of crazy. By surrounding yourself with things that have a PURPOSE creates such a positive energy in your home. The best part is that you get to choose its purpose; be it to sit on and do your hair, or to remind you of when you first kissed your partner or how your mum loves sheep decorations. As long as it serves an important purpose to you, that’s what makes it special.

Allow yourself time to unplug from the digital sphere

The irony considering that you are reading this digitally, but giving yourself time to just disconnect and recharge is so important to hygge. I love giving myself the odd day, weekend, or sometimes week to just enjoy time with family, friends or my partner. Being able to step away from the interwebs can inspire you to enjoy the present.

Allow yourself to indulge without worrying about the calories

Being able to treat yourself is a really important part of hygge. Always worrying about calories and carbs and food intake is so tiring and can just take the life out of you. Hygge is all about moderation and enjoyment. So as long as you’ve got those things then you are golden!

Fill your space with candles

The more the better! Lighting candles around the house is such a great way to incorporate cosiness and calmness into your home. I adore choosing each scent for each part of my house and cannot be without my candles! (just keep an eye on the ones you have lit!)

Keep a diary and dont be afraid to use it

I adore having a diary. I love squirrelling away and writing down my thoughts, my goals and my feelings. Being able to express them in your own way is such a huge part of hygge and will make you feel so much better. Also I love looking back on the things I have written to see how I was feeling and my outlook.

I adore incorporating a bit more hygge into my home, my life and my daily routine and have been LOVING how much calmer and more positive I feel about myself. I hope these tips can help you do the same.