How To Have The Best Christmas Ever

Christmas can be such a tricky time of the year, on the one hand it’s full of magic, festivities and Christmas joy. But on the other hand it is full of stress and worry and pressure to make it amazing. It’s a pressure that we all put on ourselves, and we know that we put it on ourselves, but it’s there because we just want to make every year as special as the last. So here is my guide to have the best Christmas you can have.

Dont Compare

Comparison is the thief of all joy, and that could not be more true when it comes to Christmas. I am forever guilty of comparing myself to other people’s Christmases, comparing this year to last year and wasting so much of my energy comparing. So this year I have said enough. Enough with the comparisons and wanting my Christmas to be like someone else’s. As soon as you stop thinking about how everyone else is spending their Christmas, you’ll learn to enjoy your own.

Don’t Expect To Be Able To Do Everything

Another major fun-sucker when it comes to Christmas is having the expectation that you will be able to do everything. I know so many people who get so upset if they missed out on Ice Skating or Carol singing because they ran out of time. Stop looking at what you haven’t had time to do and appreciate what you have had time to do.

Fill Your Christmas with What Makes You Happy

Love hanging tacky tinsel? Do it! Would rather spend Christmas down the pub with your mates than with family members you havent seen since December 17? Do it! Want to spend your nights in watching Elf rather than attending all the Christmas parties you have been invited to? DO IT. As soon as you start doing what you want to do and surrounding yourself with what makes you happy, you’ll be so much happier.

Admit That It Probably Won’t Be Perfect

Your cat may throw up on the rug. Your brother may bring his new slutty Girlfriend. Your mum may pick a fight over why you’re not wearing the ugly jumper she bought you last year for Christmas. It’s not gonna be perfect. You might have fights. You might have things go wrong. You might even have a disaster happen. But that’s okay. It’s just what Christmas is all about.