How I Make Travel More Affordable


So you maaaaay have noticed that I have been doing a liiiittle bit of travelling recently. If you saw my post about getting over my travel anxiety, you’ll see that I spoke about how travelling the world was always my goal, but my main barrier was my anxiety stopping me. Well once I got over that anxiety the other major barrier stood in my way- my finances.


Now unless you have a 5 figure salary, travelling may seem like quite a luxury thing which is quite unattainable. I used to think that too. I used to see bloggers travelling the world and envy the fact that they could afford to do that. I always figured that they had a lot more dollar than me and that was that.


Well that was wrong.


Travelling IS a luxury. To say to someone that travelling is ‘easy’ is just a bit naive. I’m not here to tell you that if you cut out your morning coffee you’ll be able to afford a trip to the Maldives (God I wish). But what I am here to tell you is the tips and tricks that I use in order to making travelling more affordable.



Be flexible with your time

When looking to go away, be flexible with your time. I know that with time off for work etc, that could be easier said than done. But by giving yourself a lee-way of maybe 3 days when searching for flights, you could find an option which is a great deal cheaper than the day you were initially planning on going. And if you can, avoid school/ national holidays. Airlines know when peak times will be and will whack up their prices exponentially.


Pick your location wisely

I know location is a big thing when travelling. We’ve all got destinations on our mind that we have always wanted to go to and would be our dream. But when you’re on a budget, you need to be realistic with what you can afford and choose places which are much more affordable. Granted Paris is cheap to get to… but when you get there you’ll probably end up spending more on food than you did your entire flights. Many European cities are just as beautiful, but are so much more affordable to visit. Budapest, Prague and Amerstam are just a few examples.



Travel light

I used to always be the girl with 3 bags, trundling through the airport. After many budget airlines have raised the price of a hold bag, I’ve realised just how much a cabin bag actually fits. Being a lot more picky with what you choose to bring can save you a great deal in baggage costs!


Sign up for newsletters

As annoying as newsletters can be, singing up for them can save you a heck of a lot! I’ve secured some great deals when travelling from hotels to flights because of the newsletters- deals which I probably wouldn’t have been aware of if I haven’t signed up.


I know these tips aren’t going suddenly make you afford a 2 month stay in the Maldives and I do appreciate that travel is a huge luxury- one that I won’t ever take for granted that I can give myself. I just wanted to share a few small things which can add up to big savings.