Doing it in Denim

I am such a huge fan of denim. I feel like that is no secret. So when I heard about Topshop’s new denim campaign I was so excited (I may have jumped around a little). So obviously I was straight in on the action and want to show you 3 different styles that I am obsessed with from Topshop at the minute!


The embroidery trend is EVERYTHING right now and I am ashamed with myself with how long it’s taken me to jump on the band wagon. These embroidered skinny jeans are just so gorgeous, I’m obsessed! I love the contrast of the blue against the embroidery and they are just so comfy. My favourite part is how subtle the detailing is- just a hint of embroidery at the back of the heel! I think Topshop is completely killing the embroidery trend this season and I am so in love with their collection of embroidered jeans.

The way that I have styled them is with a plain white tee (also from topshop) in order to allow the focus to be on the jeans. Because the jeans are such a statement, I want the feature of the outfit to be the jeans.

I’m wearing my fave Zara khaki shoes (can you tell I’m a little obsessed with khaki?). They go so well with the bomber and allows a further focus on the embroidery on the jeans.

Mom Jeans

You know me and my mum jeans- I wear them almost daily and could not live without them. So when I saw this pair of black embroidered ones (yes, oops I have gone a little overboard with the embroidery but CAN YOU BLAME ME?!?! JUST LOOK AT THEM- IT’S A TIGER!!)

I have never owned a pair of black mom jeans so was so excited by these, I feel like they are so much more flattering than my light blue pair and make my waist look so much smaller.

I have styled these with a cute little grey v-line tee. Having it tucked in allows a more flattering shape that ensures that the jeans do not bulk me out too much. I find that sometimes you have to be careful with mom jeans as if you aren’t careful, they can make you look a little bigger than you are. Not a problem usually if you simply go for something tucked in on top!

I have styled this look with my white Nike trainers. I am so obsessed with these- I find that they go with blooming everything and allow such an emphasis on the jeans.

The Denim Jacket

You know me and denim jackets. I wear them so often and just love the trend at the minute. This light wash denim is my absolute fave to wear with mom jeans and really dresses up a comfy outfit. I love how the cropped look makes my legs look so much longer (and let’s be honest- at only 5ft I need all the help I can get).

Topshop are seriously killing it with the denim game this season and I am so hyped about this new collection. Be sure to go and check out their range!

The A-Line Skirt

Topshop’s A-line denim skirts are my all-time favourite!! I have had this skirt for a little while now and it has proven me so well through the years. I find that it does not fade or stretch like a lot of other denims do.

I have styled this skirt with a white tee and a pair of tights. I find that it looks best with tights as they slim my legs down much more and makes me feel so much more confident.

The shoes I have styled are my Topshop doc-martin styled shoes. They are honestly the comfiest things I have ever owned and I love how they give me a bight of height. I love how these look with a skirt on as it gives such a juxtaposition of girly and boyfriend style. My fave!!

I am so in love with all of these outfits and hope that I have inspired you to get creative with styling denim.

*This post is sponsored but all opinions and styles are my own