Ditsy Summer Dresses and A Warm Welcome to Summer

One of my all time favourite trends in summer is dresses. I, for one, hate getting ready. I am that person who snoozes her alarm 20 times and ends up having only 10 minutes to get ready in the morning. So to have a trend that takes a full 2 minutes to style is the DREAM.

This summer there has been a trend that I simply cannot ignore; partially because the trend has been everywhere and partially because it is just SO DAMN CUTE!! And that trend, ladies and gentlemen, is ditsy dresses. Yes, my friend, I am talking about the kind of dress that your mum used to dress you in July when you were 5.

Oh the nostalgia.

So now that are are in full summer swing I thought that I would put together my favourite dresses that are on the highstreet at the moment!! I really love being able to find my favourite styles and looks for summer and give you a representation of what I REALLY love. Just for full disclosure, the links are affiliates but that makes no difference to your purchase and only earns me a few pennies as a bit of compensation for the amount of time it took to find my favourite pieces!