Being A Blogger Who ‘Gets Free Stuff’

If you are an influencer, blogger or Youtuber who has ever collaborated with a brand, then I am sure you have been told plenty of times by others "OMG I want to become a blogger so that I can get free stuff". If you are a blogger, influencer or Youtuber, then I am sure that you can understand how much it makes my blood boil when someone says this to me.

On the outside I am all like HAHA HILARIOUS. But on the inside I am planning their murder, faking my own death and moving to Hungary.

But in all seriousness, why do people still just call it ‘free stuff’?!?!?! Bloggers still get so much stick for not doing anything and just getting gifts and freebies from brands but that is LITERALLY THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE OF WHAT HAPPENS. IT IS NOT FREE STUFF.

As a blogger, I am a social media manager, agent, finance coordinator, secretary, writer, photographer and so much more. So when brands contact me and ask to collaborate, it takes A LOT of communication, planning and time into the production of the collab. It usually starts with having to liaison with the brand on the fee, exactly what they are sending me, the kind of content they want, the amount of content they want and the dates they want it.

You then move into the planning of the post. You think about what you are going to say, you plan what the post is going to look like. Then you need to test the products. See if you like them. See what works well.

THEN comes creating the content. You need you photograph and SO HELP ME if the weather is crappy then I am SCREWED because I have a full time job and cannot afford to wait for nice weather.

Then comes writing the post and MY GOODNESS that can be hard. If I am struck with writers block then I freeze. Sometimes I am too scared of disappointing the brand and so can’t even think how to start the blog post just in case they are not happy with it. Then I need to get a good balance between being honest, promoting the product and not sounding like an advert because, lets be honest, you respect my honesty and I am proud to always give you my honesty.

Then comes the social media posts and planning them around your grid.

Then comes the check. Where some brands want you to send them the post first and will come back with big X’s like it a year 10’s homework.

THEN AND ONLY THEN can I actually upload the content.

YOU THINK I AM FINISHED THERE BUT NOOOOO. Most brands are FAB and will be sure to pay their fee pretty prompt. But some brands need 15 emails, 5 phone calls and 30 apologies before they send across what they owe.

So I think you can see that A LOT of effort goes into posts that are provided by brands or companies. Next time someone tells me its just ‘free stuff’, we can all club together and egg their house 🙂